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Span Alaska Transportation provides world-class freight forwarding services between Alaska and the West Coast and between Alaska’s many ports. Serving large companies that rely on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to exchange information including shipment status updates and invoices, Span Alaska looks to Palador’s team to set up, facilitate and manage ongoing EDI communications with their customers.


Meet Span’s enterprise-level customer expectations by implementing a cost-effective EDI platform that worked with Span’s existing technology


Remove the burden of EDI through Managed EDI Services: handling all communication, coding, reporting, and maintenance of Span’s EDI platform

Span case study

It’s great having someone as dependable as Palador to make our EDI work flawlessly. Palador is always reliable and quick to get things done. Their commitment to Span and the success of our business makes them an ideal partner.

Andrew Pickering, Vice President Finance @Span Alaska

How We Did It

Our Managed EDI team works closely with Span’s operations, IT and accounting teams and with Span’s enterprise level customers to meet each customer’s EDI requirements.

Our Expertise Applied

EDI for Freight Forwarders

As a provider of EDI exchange for freight forwarders for over 10 years, we know the intricacies of the EDI system and the specific needs of freight companies. We apply this expertise on behalf of Span in working to meet their customer’s EDI requirements. Span’s customer’s technical requirements also differ widely – our handling of the technical requirements allows Span to focus on what they do best: freight forwarding.

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In-House Solution

We’re part of the team

As an integrated part of Span’s teams, our availability allows for flexibility, control and custom insights. We provide weekly custom reports and progress updates. We meet as needed with Span’s teams. And we are readily available to answer questions, troubleshoot EDI related issues, and support Span’s operations, accounting and IT functions.

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Keep it simple, keep it moving

As with many freight forwarders, most of Span’s customers are large, enterprise level companies with high expectations for the level of service and quality from their suppliers. Our EDI platform, which integrates with Span’s shipment management software, provides the automation expected by Span’s customers. That same automation allows Span the comfort of knowing that their communications are being received by their customers without constant monitoring or manual entry.

Automation illustration


The result of our work has been seamless Managed EDI support during a period of growth and significant change for Span. The transition for Span from an outside EDI provider to a fully integrated in-house team with a focus on customer service, custom reporting and automation provides measurable cost efficiency, flexibility, control, and increased level of insight.


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