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Consistent communication

At Palador, we pride ourselves on complete transparency. And a big part of that is being open with our communication. Throughout the duration of your project, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get constant feedback and updates from our side and quick, thoughtful responses to any questions or concerns you may have.

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Common problem? No problem

We’ve been in this business for the last decade, and that has given us incredible insight into the various problems that projects tend to run into. We are pros at knowing when a problem might occur, and have expertise in crafting solutions that can foresee and mitigate a problem even before it happens.

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On budget, always.

Staying on budget is vital in completing our projects. Palador’s years of experience have given us the skills needed to keep a project on budget while keeping the most important parts of the project on track to be delivered on-time.

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We’ve got your back

Too often, you’ll order up a custom software solution only to be handed off the product and never hear from the developers again. Palador does the opposite. When we hand over your customized software, you can be sure that Palador will be with you along the way to provide support in updating or fixing anything that does not meet your exacting specifications.

17+ years

734+ projects

71+ clients

What makes us different?


We speak your language

Maybe you’re a tech guru. Maybe you’re someone who only knows how to turn a computer on. Maybe you’re somewhere in between. Whoever you are, Palador is skilled in communicating in a way that makes sense to you without leaving out the most important parts.



Curious to know the status of your project? Worried that something might not turn out quite how you want? A cornerstone of Palador’s success is its complete transparency when it comes to your project. We work for you. If you ever have questions, we’re here to answer them.


A wealth of knowledge

Our team is constantly attending seminars and conferences, taking classes and online courses, and always encouraged to learn more about the cutting edge technologies that are ever-evolving. Technology moves fast, and we’re always keeping up with it.