executing agile software development

Isolating development and IT operations teams into silos creates several software development barriers – gaps in communication, slower time to market, higher risk of failure for new fixes, and long lead times for fixes getting to production. Establishing a culture of cooperation among various teams can increase production as well as streamline development processes.

Palador understands this, adopting DevOps software maintenance and improvement approaches when working on our client’s custom and enterprise software. By implementing a continuous deployment mindset, we open the door for constant feedback so that we can continuously deliver features, fixes, and updates to our clients’ products. We provide end-to-end, custom software maintenance, support and improvement with our collaborative teams, covering all aspects of development, testing, information architecture, and deployment, monitoring, and security.

lower failure
of new releases

When DevOps engineers and operations professionals work together on a system’s update, communication is increased and a comprehensive view of a project is ensured. As a result, more time is effectively used and increased consideration is given towards a project and its development process. Our DevOps team works collaboratively when deploying new updates and fixes to lower the failure rate of new releases. By doing so, our clients benefit from having a constantly updated, user-friendly system.

embedding DevOps processes
with agile software development

We offer our clients an agile team to tackle any concerns with their custom software. To address the need for flexibility and shortened lead times, our teams are exceedingly collaborative, working with one another to ensure that our DevOps approaches produce holistic solutions to our client’s unique challenges. One way we achieve this is by supplying a consistent DevOps support system. Palador has Seattle and Indonesia based teams, making us available around the clock and able to quickly create and update software.

continuous deployment outlook
for a continuous delivery practice

To get the best possible custom software for our clients’ enterprise concerns or digital integration needs, we can continuously deploy versions of their software. This integral DevOps aspect allows for quick and thoughtful delivery of features, fixes, and updates, resulting in a high-quality final product every day.


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