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Having data in a database, multiple databases, spreadsheets or wherever else you may store it isn’t good enough. That data should be accessible, illuminating, logical, real-time and beautiful. It should be visual.

we build
beautiful dashboards

We build beautiful, intuitve dashboards that make your data come to life. Dashboards should visually convey essential information at glance, while allowing users to dig deeper into the details through closer analysis.

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relevant dashboards

Your operations managers likely don’t need up to date statistics on your sales efforts, no matter how relevant sales may be to your company’s bottom line. But they will need updates on bottlenecks, work stoppages, productivity and more. We build user-specific dashboards that can pull from multiple data sources to ensure your people are seeing the information that is most relevant to them.

FlightSafety dashboard
FlightSafety dashboard

we build
insightful dashboards

You should be able to see insights in real-time, or for any time-frame you need. Which also means it should be interactive. We work with your team to learn about your operational structure, identify key metrics, and design a dashboard that gives the right visual data to the right people.

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