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We like solving hard problems. Pushing boundaries. Taking an unconventional approach. Experimenting. We thrive on the challenge. Why? Because we have yet to see an out-of-the-box software that can take a business to the next level.

Out-of-the-box software can help you hot-fix new, ongoing or systemic problems, but the risk of out-of-the-box software causing more problems than it solves is real. OOTB software isn’t built for your needs; it’s built for your industry's, or worse, your competitors’ needs, which typically will only scratch the surface for you. Palador’s custom software, designed in consultation with your users, built in an agile process and maintained with a DevOps approach, ensures continuous delivery and deployment of features and updates so your business needs are comprehensively met. This approach allows Palador to hand-craft custom software that will consistently address your unique challenges.

Next level business requires next level ingenuity.

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with quality assurance

Not only does Palador offer next-level development approaches to hand-craft your custom software, but it also offers comprehensive quality assurance. Quality at Palador means that we have a satisfied customer, not just bug free code. That is why quality assurance permeates every aspect of your project, including its functionality and flow, with thorough documentation allowing others to follow and verify testing processes.

next-level ingenuity
for a digital transformation

Custom software is different to everybody – that’s why it’s custom. When it comes to custom software, the possibilities are endless – anything from an enterprise software that helps business run more smoothly, to a cutting-edge, cloud solution that digitizes a process for your business or customers. Our consultative approach defines your needs and gives shape to the possibilities so they can become a reality for your team.

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with you or for you

Often, companies find themselves either not having the team to build custom software or not having enough people to do it. Whether you need our team to independently build your entire project or collaboratively work with your internal dev team, our dedicated team is ready to work towards a custom solution for your business or customers.

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Custom software should be developed with your needs in mind, always. Whether it’s an application, dashboard, website, or something in between, our development and design teams are ready for the challenge. Think you have a challenge that can’t be solved? Bring it to us, and we’ll hand-craft an answer.


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