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Property Tax Assessment System

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Palador was selected to conduct a proof of concept (POC) on King County’s Property Tax Assessment System. The county’s current property tax system is inefficient and is unable to keep up with changes to state laws. King County is also rapidly expanding and the number of parcels to be administered and assessed for property taxes has doubled. The county has considered replacing their property tax system for several years but has found that most of the vendors that provide off the shelf property tax assessment systems are too costly. Palador was chosen to determine if using Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution could replace the current tax assessment system at a lower cost.


The Dynamics platform has never been customized to provide a complete property tax assessment system for any county in the US. The challenge was to determine whether it was possible, how it could be done, and what the user experience would be.


Palador, working closely with experts in Dynamics customization and GIS, managed a team that developed the user flows, interaction flows, wireframes and high fidelity mockups, and conducted analysis that resulted in finalized requirements for development of the full Dynamics solution. The POC was successful and project findings showed the County could save $10 million dollars using the Dynamics platform vs maintaining the current solution or purchasing an off the shelf option.

How We Did It

We customized the Microsoft Dynamics platform to modernize the Property Tax Assessment System and developed an intuitive web application for seniors to apply for tax exemptions, providing changes in property conditions using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).


Designing for elderly + disabled users

Considering the target users’ proneness to poor vision, color blindness, and/or decreased motor skills, usability was a top priority. We used large buttons, increased font size, supportive icons, and ample explanatory text, paying attention to contrast and cognitive load. And since older people are also less adept at multi-tasking, we designed the UI so that users could focus on one step at a time. By focusing on ease of use, we could provide an experience with optimal satisfaction and a high adoption rate.

Dynamics CRM

Facilitating implementation of a non-proprietary cloud solution

Using the Dynamics CRM solution to replace the property tax assessment system was proven successful. We were able to demonstrate to King County’s executive team that Microsoft Dynamics platform can be more cost effective then other property tax solutions in the market. The platform can be configured and maintained by county staff which also saves the county from expensive long- term maintenance contracts. The solution is scalable and flexible and streamlined business workflows.


Coordinating parcel data in G.I.S.

King County has divisions that handle Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) information. Each of the divisions require migration of parcel data and up to date property tax assessments. As part of the POC our team was able to demonstrate real time parcel information such as conditions of property, property boundaries and improvements. The geospatial data automatically uploaded and allowed the assessors to change property values according to their assessments.

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