Project Management

driving consistently brilliant results

Our project managers are your point people, the torch bearers, evangelists and drivers for your project. A strong project manager is critical to the success of your project through planning, estimating, risk management, reporting, and team leadership.

Agile Software Cycle
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Using Agile methodologies and an iterative process, you have visibility into progress and budget for your project. We schedule regular demos, planning and retrospective meetings, all of which you can join at any time. There are no surprises!

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Palador PMs ask questions along the way, challenge assumptions, illuminate blind spots, assess uncertainty and risk, and track progress to anticipate and predict as many requirements and obstacles as possible. This diligence helps in mitigating risks to your project at any stage of its development.


The goal of your project is to come away with a high-quality application. Our project managers do that through exceptional tools and skill in planning, organization, team leadership, measurement, and corrective actions as needed to ensure your project comes in on-time and on-budget.