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Having a tunnel-vision approach when creating websites, software, and technological tools won’t cut it anymore in the modern digital landscape. Digital integration practices, such as knowing the language an app is written in, consolidating databases, and possessing a seamless digital environment, are integral to digital consistency.

The digital integration of your applications and software with other apps and software across your company allows for a more efficient and effective workflow by improving data exchange and increasing the usability of your apps. We can help you modernize your services into the current technological landscape through our digital integration services that include, but are not limited to, CMS transfers, device integration, dashboards, application suites, user authentication, and developing APIs.

cms integration
cms integration

content management systems'
digital integration

Nothing is worse than having a slow, clunky website and CMS, as well as a CMS that doesn’t integrate new apps with your site’s existing apps. We can help with our client’s digital integration needs by switching their legacy CMS to an easy-to-use, more dynamic CMS, creating a responsive website across all platforms and giving administration teams the opportunity to generate a seamless user-experience for all the future features and applications our clients create.

digital integration
for modernizing platforms

Different users are more comfortable with different devices. The digital integration of custom software throughout all devices increases the usability of the software to more users. We help our clients make their enterprise applications work efficiently by using a highly accessible language for their apps to interact with their other software systems for broader employee use and a seamless user experience across our client’s company or business.

data distribution
data distribution

distributing organized data
with digital integration

We develop authentication processes for single sign-in across our client’s applications and software systems for less gaps in their employees’ workflow. We can also develop APIs so data can be available across the apps used across companies. We value accessibility and usability needs in data accessibility, which is why we consider data distribution a priority when guiding our client’s digital integration.


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