Quality Assurance

ensuring an exceptional end product

How does your organization define quality? Quality at Palador means that we have a satisfied customer, not just bug free code. That is why Quality Assurance permeates every aspect of your project and the QA process starts long before a project is code complete.

Through a series of unit, black box, and end-to-end tests we verify everything is working from front to back. Each feature or enhancement is thoroughly reviewed for both its own performance and any effects it will have on the rest of the application.

Favorite Testing Technologies

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As development of each feature is finished it is put through the grinder by our QA team. Each case and use, both intended and not, is scrutinized to assure correct performance. Automated regression tests are created and maintained to ensure functionality is not impacted by further development.


In addition to having each element of the application work as expected, we also analyze how an actual user will move through the app. We present solutions for any pitfalls that may crop up in a production environment.

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We keep detailed test cases for each feature allowing others to follow and verify testing processes. Instructions detailing any hurdles or potential pitfalls in the setup and maintenance of the app will be included to ensure ease of deployment and continued functionality.