Lee meets Senator Maria Cantwell

Lee Otis | July 30th, 2018

Palador’ s Director of Business, Lee Otis, met with Maria Cantwell on Mercer Island this past Sunday. Maria has been an elected WA State Senator since 2000.

Lee specifically asked Maria about the impact of Tariffs on the State of WA and how she might be able to help local farmers from experiencing the financial impacts. They also discussed WA’s rate of growth and lack of housing problems.

The hosts of the event were Greg Gottesman, Founder and CEO of Pioneer Labs, Senator Lisa Wellman, Representative Tana Senn and Mercer Island Mayor Debbie Bertlin plus others.


Lee meets Maria Cantwell

Lee Otis (2nd from left), Maria Cantwell (center)


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Lee Otis

Lee is director of business development, with two dogs, two young adult daughters, and a passion to address Climate Change.