Palador hired by the Washington Military Department

Lee Otis | February 23rd, 2018

Experience in web application development played a key role in the Washington Military Department’s decision

Palador recently won a contract with the Washington State Military IT Department based in Camp Murray, WA. We will be designing a new web application to help emergency responders and the Washington Military Department (WAMD) during state emergencies. Three different agencies will utilize the new application, including the Washington State Guard, Washington Emergency Management Division and The National Guard. All three agencies assist from the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and coordinate the response to ensure help is provided to those who need it quickly and effectively. Other providers and vendors also need access to these emergency locations through a secure entry location. Palador will design a web application to assist with the entry and re-entry of these providers so they can efficiently assist the EOC in coordinating the state response. The application will be designed to provide a digital access code for Federal government agencies, along with state and local volunteer organizations to gain entry to secure and sensitive areas.

Updates to follow!



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Lee Otis

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