We’re building a POC for King County’s new Property Tax Assessment System

Lee Otis | January 16th, 2018

We were recently awarded a contract by King County to conduct a proof of concept to customize and configure a Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to replace the current Property Tax Assessment System (PTAS). The platform the county will ultimately contract for development will not only replace the PTAS system but will provide public access and mobile ability for assessors. It will also integrate with external systems such as GIS and other databases while still supporting King County’s legacy systems.

Our Palador team is working closely with the dedicated King County stakeholder team, including the Treasury Division, Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) Division, Assessor’s Office and KCIT. The POC requirements include a dedicated hosted cloud solution, using real data to synchronize with a SQL database, and maintaining easy access from any web browser. We will also be developing a custom application site for seniors in the county to have easier access to apply for tax exemptions.

Of course, we’re also providing strategy and guidance to minimize the risk associated with transitioning to a new solution and the viability of using Microsoft Dynamics to perform the Tax Roll Certification process. Once the POC is complete our team will demonstrate the system to the PTAS executive team.

Our team of partners is solving King County’s technology challenges in imaginative and cost-effective ways, providing extensive experience in custom applications, dynamic 365 integrations and geospatial-based solutions for King County.


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Lee Otis

Lee is director of business development, with two dogs, two young adult daughters, and a passion to address Climate Change.